Philosophies & Methodologies

Program Overview

FCLC’s coaching staff utilize age and ability specific curriculums partnered with seasonal development plans, to create short and long term educational platforms in our quest to develop well rounded individuals who can succeed in a team environment.

These philosophies and strategies allow us to maintain a consistent message across all teams, based on our recommended playing styles and key learning outcomes at various critical stages within the development process. 

While we understand that each team is made up of different ability levels and various types of players, each curriculum outlines the following areas:

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    Practice Themes/Style of Coaching
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    Principles of Play: Attacking, Defending, Transitioning to Attack, Transitioning to Defense & Set Pieces
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    Recommended Session Plan Structure (Outdoor & Indoor)
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    Primary Practice Elements
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    Key Learning Outcomes based on the Four Pillars: Technical. Tactical, Physical & Psycho-Social
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    Recommended Formations

Before, during and after each season (fall, winter and spring), parents and players are continually updated on training topics, key learning objectives and overall planning on current and future team development. 

Curriculum Samples

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