Video Analysis

Veo 1
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Veo 2

As we strive to build all-round players, a key part in our development model is the effectiveness for each child to have the opportunity to watch themselves compete in a game and/or training environment.

In 2020 our club made the investment in a Veo camera system, to help provide a complete video analysis tool, which allows all teams a minimum of two recorded games during each outdoor season.

When players gain access to this game film, they are able to review such areas as; technical skill execution, decision making and tactical positioning. Players can create their own highlight reels for fun to share with family members, or can be used for players who are working on college recruitment videos.

Maybe our most valuable asset is that coaches can review footage and create additional team and individual player highlights for educational purposes. (Each player is provided with their unique log in details to gain access to this system on an annual basis)

Here are two examples of how we utilize this system within a training session and game day environment:

2009 Boys Elite (Training Session)

2006B Elite Plus (Indoor Game):