Joseph Anthony

Club Coach


London, England (UK)


• US Soccer Grassroots License


Coaching Experience:

  • As a grassroots soccer coach, I embrace every opportunity to mentor and guide youth players.
    With a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained from officiating numerous matches at various
    levels, my focus extends beyond the technicalities of the game.
  • As a seasoned referee, I prioritize fair play, sportsmanship, and upholding the integrity of the beautiful game. In addition to my officiating role, I am actively engaged in coaching youth soccer.
  • My coaching philosophy revolves around nurturing a love for soccer, guiding players through the fundamentals, and fostering holistic development both on and off the field. I am dedicated to creating a supportive and inspiring environment where each player can thrive and realize their full potential while enjoying the beauty of the game.


  • Living and enjoying life with my wife in Des Plaines, IL
  • Earned MBA at Western Governors University
  • Lifelong Arsenal FC fan
  • Favorite player Thierry Henry
  • Growing up a stone’s throw from Hackney Marshes, internationally known as the spiritual home
    of Sunday league football. I hope to share that grassroots spirit with whoever I coach.