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Level 1: Academy Training & Academy PLUS


Program Overview

The primary focus at our "Level One” Academy Program is to develop each child’s basic motor skills utilizing a one player-one ball environment designed to be; fun, engaging, and rewarding.

Our professionally licensed coaching staff will incorporate a variety of mid week technical training sessions and bi-weekly game game experiences designed to help each child develop their soccer and social skills in a relatable environment centered around PLAY. 

This program is an ideal introduction to soccer for complete beginners, or players who are actively participating in recreational (Park District & AYSO) programs and who would like more soccer.

We are enormously excited to be offering a NEW location this fall with a partnership with the Village of Antioch Park District. Below you will find information on our two primary programs in Gurnee & Grayslake along with the new Antioch location.

Please note: For the game day experiences, we will combine all players from the two programs to allow us to connect all players and families within our programs.

Sessions run; fall, winter and spring.

Should you wish to find more information on our soccer club with programming for players aged 5 to 18, please visit our website: www.fclakecounty.com


Academy plus flyer


  • Boys & Girls born 2016, 2017 & 2018 are now eligible to attend.
  • Start Date: Saturday, January 13 2024
  • End Date: Saturday, March 9
Session Times: 9:00am to 10:15am OR 10:30 to 11:45am (30 players max per session)
Cost: $175.00 (Includes t-shirt)
Registration: CLICK HERE


Program Concept: This program will take place solely on an artificial turf field and be a combined training session and game day experience.

During the first half of each session, players will develop their fine motor functions, general body mechanics and technical skills (with a ball) in a training environment. The second half of the session will incorporate small sided games where players can experiment various skills in an enjoyable game like environment using different size fields, number of players and scoring objectives.


Email our age group Director Matt Bohmann at mbohmann@fclakecounty.com to be placed on a distribution list to receive the registration information when it goes live. (You can also check our club social media pages).

ANNUAL Player Package

Seasonal Training Details

  • Season One: Fall (September to October): 1 x 60min session per week x 10 weeks + 4 game days (Gurnee, Grayslake & Antioch locations)
  • Season Two (Turf): Winter (January to March) 1 x 75 min session x 10 weeks (2 session time available)
  • Season Three: Spring (April to June) 1 x 60 min session x 8 weeks + 4 game days (Gurnee, Grayslake & Antioch locations)

Each outdoor session is limited to30 players and parents can sign up for individual seasons. Training sessions are primarily held on Friday nights between 5:00 & 7:00pm. Our goal is to run gender specific sessions, but depending on numbers, we may have mixed groups. (Winter sessions mix training and game day activities and are 75 min in duration)

To be added to our distribution list and receive seasonal program details and registration information, please contact our Academy to U12 age group Director (Matt Bohmann) mbohmann@fclakecounty.com